The NYPD officer who killed Eric Garner should have been accused of murder; but instead he loses his gun and works a desk job instead. How is this justice?

Eric Garner

For those who don’t know, Eric Garner was a New York resident killed by the negligence of cops. There’s videos everywhere from a bystander that shows Garner talking to police, being accused of things he didn’t do. The bystander was saying that Mr Garner simply broke up a fight and instead of praising him or even arresting the two involved in the fight, the officers decided to harass him. It’s apparent in the video that another cop comes from behind and chokes Garner to the ground. You can hear him scream that he couldn’t breathe, yet 4 or 5 more officers jump on top of him. Then when they finally cuff him, he’s not moving. I did some research and found out that Garner suffered a heart attack. A. Fucking. Heart. Attack. They noticed something was wrong with him when he wasn’t responding on the ground and instead of rushing to help him, they all leave him there and tell all the witnesses to back up. I mean, what the fuck. He was probably dead before the ambulance even got there. One of the fucking excuses the police gave was that there wasn’t anyone certified to give CPR. That is just fucking ridiculous. You’re a god forsaken cop and you don’t know CPR? yeah fucking right. When I searched up what happened to those officers for straight up murdering Garner, they were either suspended without pay or relocated. No fucking further action because it is “pending investigation”. What a load of fucking bullshit. Their bosses stand by their actions saying that even though choke holds are against their policy, it is not illegal to administer them. Wow. This type of shit pisses me off when cops think they are above everyone and feel they can do what they fucking want to. And most of the time, it’s without consequences. Or just a slap on the wrist. Fucking cops. Well Eric, you got fucking cheated out of your life but you got support brother. They will get what’s coming to them some way,some how.